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Crochet Choker Free Pattern by Parlez Vous Crochet

Looking for an easy and quick project to crochet? Well, crochet jewelry is always easy and fun to make and to wear. You can get really creative with it and make beautiful crochet earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. What I like the most about crochet jewelry is that it’s very lightweight so the earrings don’t tug on your ear. Also, most people use cotton so it is not harsh on the skin at all. Crochet jewelry also adds a unique bohemian feel to any outfit. So let’s meet the crochet jewelry designer that is giving us this Crochet Choker Free Pattern!

I would like to let you met a wonderful crochet designer. Jaime from Parlez Vous Crochet has been gracious enough to share with us a free crochet pattern from her lovely collection of patterns. She is sharing with us today her Crochet Cowrie Choker Pattern! It’s a quick and easy necklace pattern that includes shells (or any beads that you would like) and it is very beautiful. This crochet design is super boho chic and great to wear to accent many different types of looks.

So let’s get to know Jaime and see some of her work!

The Bio of Jaime Preston of Parlez Vous Crochet

“Hello! My name is Jaime Preston; owner and creator behind Parlez Vous Crochet. I am a crochet artist, maker and designer from New Jersey, currently living in Southern California. I have been in the crochet business for over five years and I absolutely love creating authentic pieces. My style is trendy, simple and bohemian inspired by the fashion of warmer weather climates. My crochet Journey began at the tender age of six. This gift was taught to me by my late great aunt, Alberta Tate. I didn’t know this talent would come to life more than 30 years later!”

Parlez Vous Crochet Instagram

Jaime is such a talented designer. I really adore her work. I’ve been following her Instagram for about a year or so now and I am always impressed with the bright vibe she brings to my feed . Her Instagram is filled with lively colorful crochet designs that you will surely enjoy scrolling! Make sure you head on over to Instagram to follow her so that you don’t miss any new patterns and design inspirations! She shows a lot of personality in her pieces. Here are some of her purses and beachy looks. I personally am a fan of her crochet beach dresses and cover ups. And her bags are very nice as well. I describe her looks as sexy and elegant.

But what Jaime’s staple area of crochet is her amazing jewelry designs. I am always blown away by these gorgeous earrings. I didn’t even know that crochet earring could be this beautiful until I met Jaime on IG. I love her fun use of color in her jewelry. Check out some of her earrings. Light weight, gorgeous designs, great color; aren’t these just darling? I want all of these! What girl wouldn’t? And her customer looks so happy in the photo below!

A Quick Peek at Parlez Vous Crochet Patterns

Let’s take a quick peek at some of Jaime’s patterns. You can head over to Parlez Vous Crochet’s Esty Shop to grab some of these amazing patterns so that you can crochet these wonderful designs too. Here’s a snippet of what you will see in her shop.

Crochet Earrings Starter Kit

I was really excited to see that she is helping people not have to worry about what materials to start with. Sometimes not knowing which materials are the best for starting to make crochet jewelry is a problem for many and can even disuade you from wanting to even start. Well, there’s no excuse now because Parlez Vous Crochet has a Crochet Earrings Starter Kit ready to go for you including a crochet earring pattern!

Crochet Dress Pattern

Here’s a sexy and simple crochet dress pattern that can be worn as a beach cover up as well. This pattern also includes instructions for plus! I’m in love with this look!

Crochet Earring Pattern

Here is one of Jaime’s gorgeous earring patterns! I think these are my favorite earring design from her. I love the elegant look. Customize this design by choosing your favorite color(s).

More Pattern Designs

Crochet Choker Free Pattern

So now, let’s get into this free crochet cowrie choker pattern! I am so honored and grateful that Parlez Vous Crochet has allowed us into this pattern for free! She is not only a truly wonderful crochet designer, but generous as well. So we thank you for sharing!! By the way, you can also find the ad free downloadable pattern for this crochet necklace here.

Materials Needed for the Crochet Cowrie Choker

Cotton Yarn (Medium 4)
Cowrie Beads (or any bead you prefer)
Crochet hook (Size I9)
Tapestry Needle

Crochet Techniques

Double Crochet (DC)
Single Crochet (SC)
Chain (CH)

Crochet Choker Free Pattern

Thread beads on to yarn. (15 or more to be safe)
Make a chain of 120 or make it however long
or short you would like to wear your necklace.
Fasten off
Find middle stitch of your chain and place a
stitch marker there. From the middle stitch count over 21 spaces and place another stitch
marker there. Do the same for the other side.
(Make sure you count in multiples of 3)
At 1st stitch marker begin to work 1 DC in
each stitch across until you reach the last
stitch marker. CH 3 and turn.
Pull up a bead, CH 3 and SC in the 3 CH from
the hook, CH 3, pull up a bead, CH 3, skip 2
spaces and SC in the next stitch. Repeat to
Fasten off. Sew in ends.

If you enjoyed this free pattern by Parlez Vous Crochet by Jaime, make sure you go visit her Etsy Store and her Instagram where you can find more of her work! You can also score the ad free downloadable of this Crochet Cowrie Choker in her store and show your support of her as an artist!

Be sure to check out more “People of the Crochet World” featured right here on Charde Crochets! If you would like your free pattern or tutorial to be featured you can send me a DM on Instagram and introduce yourself.

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