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Crochet Thong Bikini Bottom Tutorial

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V-Shaped Crochet Thong Tutorial

For a long time, I was searching for a new crochet thong bikini bottom pattern. I had no idea that it would be hard to find one that I wanted. So this spring, I designed three crochet thongs for this summer. I made them all into videos on YouTube so that others would be able to make them as well. This is my very first video and it was a great success! I didn’t realize that so many were looking for a thong tutorial or pattern as well. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

This is the first thong that I designed. It is a has a V-shape with full coverage in the front and a cheeky thong in the back. The sides feature a double tie. The construction is super simple using only half double crochets, chain stitches and slip stitches. (My apologies for some of this video out of frame. This was my very first video. But I did get better staying in frame as I did more videos.)


First, we will need medium weight 4 yarn. I used Premier Yarns Cotton Cone in Yellow. I do recommend to use cotton yarn for swimwear. However there are new yarns coming out all the time. There are more and more synthetic and synthetic blends that designed with crochet swimwear in mind and I am trying to keep track of them by updating this post. You can see my current list of swimwear yarns here: What Yarns Should You Use For Crochet Swimwear?

Next you will need a G Hook / 4.0 mm Hook. You will also need a measuring tape and a pair of scissors.

Let’s Crochet!

This thong is crocheted from the middle out. So we begin with the back side, making straight rows of hdc according to the desired size and then begin our increases from the middle of the row instead of the usual increases at the beginning and the end of the row.

Crochet Thong Bikini Bottom Tutorial

Then we will begin crocheting rows on one side of the increases to make the first wing of the back. And then we will fasten off.

Crochet Thong Bikini Bottom Tutorial

Then we reattach the yarn to the next side and repeat the same amount of rows as the first and fasten off.

Crochet Thong Bikini Bottom Tutorial

Next, you’ll want to reattach the yarn to one of the corners of the foundation chain to begin on the front of the thong. I actually did a magic knot to reattach the new yarn to the tail of the foundation chain so that I didn’t have to weave that tail in. YAY! And now we will continue be crocheting along the foundation chain.

Crochet Thong Bikini Bottom Tutorial

The front side is very similar to the back side of the bikini. But since its a little wider, I decreased the wings to get them back down to the same number as the back.

UPDATE: This was my first video and there was an issue with size small giving a camel toe. Please go to my Youtube channel and read the first pinned comment on this video for info on how to remedy that. It’s really that the front got too wide too fast and the increases need to be slowed down in certain places. This was only happening with size small. I will likely redo this design now that I know how to write patterns and understand a lot more about bikini sizing. But this is still such a cute crochet bikini bottom! 🙂

Crochet Thong Bikini Bottom Tutorial


Once we have both the back and the front sides completed, we can begin on the border and ties. So when we finish the last wind of the front side, we will not fasten off and use that working yarn to crochet our simple border. The border is just composed of single crochets until we get to the corners of the wings. This is where you’ll be putting the ties. The ties are chained out and then slip stitched along the chain back towards the bikini. We are doing this all the way around the perimeter of the bikini until we reach the beginning of the round and we will slip stitch into the very first chain we made.

Please tag me on IG if you make this @charde_crochets. I love seeing your work!

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V-Shaped Thong Bikini Bottom
V-Shaped Thong Bikini Bottom Paired with Lacey Tube Top Photographer:
V-Shaped Thong Bikini Bottom
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